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  • Purpose/Cause/Passion:

    Strengthening Relationships between Individuals, families, and communities. Through recovery and counselors, we work together to get you back your life.

    Our Niche:

    Collaborative Sustainable Mental Health Solutions. Through therapy, we face issues of PTSD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, anger management to make sure your needs are met. Here at the Hastings clinic, we want to aid in your recovery when it comes to sustainable mental health. 

    Our Process:

    Family Revelations believes in Collaborative Mental Health Solutions that reach beyond a therapy session. We endeavor to foster caring, confidential, and collaborative relationships with those in your professional and when appropriate personal circle through a lens of collaboration. Coordinated care, therapy, skills work, client strengths and resources, education, and seminars wrapped in relationship is our aim. We see the need to foster relationships with business in the community that add therapeutic value. Business related to fitness, chiropractic, nutrition, meditation, etc.

    Meet the Team

    Meet the Family Revelations Counseling team that are ready to support your needs