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  • Why Suite 171?

    This office is set up with equipment and supplies that are utilized to promote sustainable mental health. Our model is a (Teach, Model, Practice) concept. We move beyond the office with you, supporting you in your mental health journey.

    The Process

    We identify the needs of the client. We then implement empathetic treatment addressing each client individually. Therapeutic skills acquired are supported outside the office through direct connection. Encouraging further practice outside of the office.


    Jenna has been diagnosed with bipolar. In Suite 171, she has received instruction with the use of weights and powerbands to help manage her lows. However she struggles to make it to the gym because she is self-conscious. Elise calls Jenna to see how shes doing with her managing her lows through the use of physical movement and discovers that Jenna is really struggling with going alone to the gym. Elise offers a solution for Jenna to bring her sister with her to Suite 171 to learn about managing Bipolar through physical activities thereby which Jenna and her sister can feel comfortable going to the gym together.

    Process In Action

    Example: Client has bipolar and finds it difficult to get out to the gym. It could be fear or lack of confidence in ability, or it could be feeling anxious about going out in public. Knowing when to utilize physical activity to manage Bipolar is important. When this client comes in for therapy, we review the process of knowing when and when not to go to the gym so the client will understand how to manage their mood. We go over the behaviors and techniques and process with equipment we have in out office with private instruction allowing for ease of implementation and development of confidence. This process is not to build muscle although there will be some of that happening, but this is about treatment. Treatment that has not been explored or utilized as it should. The client and therapist work on therapeutic interventions using our office equipment and within 15 to 20 minutes they are sitting on a comfortable chair enjoying a cool glass of water and finishing up the session.